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Build awareness about your mission in immigrant communities.

Our nonprofit clients work hard to improve the lives of the people they serve, and they want to include Latinos and other immigrant groups in their marketing plans. We’re fully prepared to help you educate and engage these populations.

You’ll find that we understand the critical nuances of communication and the importance of culture and context when developing translations for nonprofit organizations. And we work hard to ensure that our translators are masters of both Spanish and English who can deliver your message as though it were originally conceived in Spanish.

Use transcreation or plain-language translations when needed.

There are times when simply translating English-language communications into Spanish won’t work — the outcome would be awkward if not inaccurate. We translate content so that it reads as though it had been written specifically for Latinos. When our skilled writers re-create a message, they take advantage of metaphors, alliteration and other literary devices to breathe life into the text and make it enjoyable and easy to read.

Other times you might need a plain-language translation, which is highly effective in helping you engage your audiences and persuade them to take the actions you want them to take.

While it may take time to get used to plain-language writing, the benefits are worth it:

  • Better outcomes for all clients. They will use the information because they understand it.
  • Greater understanding of your messages, which translates into fewer service calls or information requests.
  • Fewer words, meaning lower translation costs.

We can help you adopt a plain-language philosophy in your translations to help clients with all reading abilities get the services they need quickly and effectively.

Need original content in Spanish?

Hook has the experience and expertise — and understanding of diverse Hispanic cultures and styles — to develop content marketing in Spanish that fosters trust, loyalty and appreciation.

The content we deliver — whether for website articles, blogs, online press releases, e-books or infographics — starts with understanding your ideal clients and building buyer personas. The goal is to create content that engages, educates and enlightens. Then we will repurpose content for other channels.

Reach other immigrant communities in languages other than Spanish.

We’ve got you covered on that too. Through a network of professional translators, we can provide nonprofit translations in most of the languages used in immigrant communities in the United States. We regularly create quality translations in Arabic, Chinese, Haitian Creole, Korean and Vietnamese.

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