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Communicate critical information with thoughtful medical translations.

Before your patients can begin to improve their health, they must have a true understanding of their medical conditions and your instructions. In today’s multicultural population, patient education involves correctly translating important health care information into other languages, particularly Spanish.

Our professional translators consider all aspects of the target audience when translating text, making sure we choose the terminology and phrases that are culturally relevant to a specific population group. Our goal in translating your medical documents and materials is always to achieve accuracy, understanding and an emotional connection with your patients.

Examples of medical forms that we translate include:

  • Permission-to-treat forms
  • Patient rights notices
  • HIPAA notices
  • Eligibility notices
  • Informed consent forms
  • Medical history intake
  • Preoperative instruction
  • Discharge instructions
  • Educational brochures

Offering professionally translated health care materials to patients who speak a language other than English improves communications and the provider-patient relationship. Those patients who otherwise may not fully understand their health condition are more apt to become proactive about their health and develop confidence in you as their provider.

Help your patients with plain-language translations or other communication tools.

If you sense that your target community has limited education, let us help you identify better communication tools that will provide the much-needed information in a form they can understand. Often a voice-recorded message of your translation or a short video will be more effective than the traditional written translation.

Help your bilingual patients make informed decisions about their or their loved ones’ health care by providing them with professionally translated medical materials and forms.

Effectively promote your services within the bilingual community.

In addition to accurate, clear and culturally relevant translations of your print and digital communications, we can promote your services with cost-effective marketing and publicity plans. Ask us about our multimedia bilingual campaigns, including results-getting press releases, brochures, newsletters, videos and websites.

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