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An agency that empowers communicators with high-quality translations.

In today’s multicultural world, business professionals understand that immigrants play an important role in their organizations as employees who are an integral part of the team or consumers who could benefit from their services. Communications leaders want to develop communications that help their audiences make informed decisions about their work, health and life.

Hook Translations was created in 2003 to offer just that — superior translation solutions to fellow communicators who work hard to develop quality communications.

Starting from our early days as a team of journalists, public relations specialists, translators and HR specialists, we wanted to improve the quality of translations available to immigrants.

Today, our goal is to continue to be the first choice for organizations that expect superior translation services for their HR and communications departments.

Based in Lewes, Delaware, our translation agency works with organizations across the Mid-Atlantic states.

What you can expect from us


High-quality translations from seasoned masters to ensure accuracy

To ensure the accuracy and sensitivity of your translations, we hire professionals with university degrees in translations and more than 15 years of experience. Our translation and editing processes reflect high industry standards. You never have to worry about your message becoming lost. We also understand that your work is full of details, and we are just as exacting as you are when it comes to meeting deadlines, expectations and compliance regulations.


Smart translation projects that align with your business goals

Because we are skillful communicators, we come to the table with the know-how to help you solve multilingual challenges and find opportunities so you can reach your business goals. We also offer marketing services to ensure that your translated messages reach your immigrant communities where they live, work or play online.


Innovative solutions to meet the diverse needs of your immigrant communities

Your multilingual communications must reflect the diversity of your audiences. Instead of a standard translation, you may need a plain-language version or a cost-effective video. Count on our creative team of graphic designers, videographers and web developers for innovative solutions and wraparound services.


Commitment to thoughtful translations and multilingual communications

When you hire us, you work with a team dedicated to helping you better engage immigrant employees and clients. We work efficiently and thoroughly to help you better engage them in making informed decisions. Our thoughtful translation process takes into account culture, education and goals.

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