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To communicate effectively with immigrant employees
or clients, you can count on us and expect:

  • Experience: High-quality translations

    To ensure the accuracy and sensitivity of your translations, we hire professionals with university translation degrees and more than 15 years of experience. They know how to deliver top-quality work.

  • Strategy: Smart translation projects

    Because we are skillful communicators, we come to the table with the know-how to help you solve multilingual challenges so you can reach your business goals.

  • Creativity: Innovative solutions

    Your multilingual communications must reflect the diversity of your audiences. Instead of a standard translation, you may need a plain-language version or a cost-effective video. Count on our creative team to deliver wrap-around services.

  • Dedication: Commitment to thoughtfulness

    When you hire us, you work with a team dedicated to helping you better engage immigrant employees and clients. Our thoughtful translation process takes into account culture, education and goals.


Starting from our early days as a team of journalists, public relations specialists, translators and HR specialists, we wanted to improve the quality of translations available to immigrants so they could make informed decisions about issues that affect their work, health and life.

Today, our goal is to continue to be the first choice for organizations that demand superior translation services for their HR and communications departments.

Do you serve more than one language community? In addition to Spanish, we can  translate documents into Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Haitian Creole, Korean and other languages.

Partner with a multilingual team that understands your organization’s communication needs and delivers results with excellence.




“We picked Hook Translations because we knew they would make sure that the information was properly translated, and they would also identify any changes needed in the design of the publications for the target audience. They met and surpassed our expectations.”
“We have been extremely pleased with the excellent, reliable and timely service we have received from Hook Translations. Their work is accurate, always on deadline and completed at a very reasonable cost. I would highly recommend them for translation work in several languages.”
“Patricia and her group provided several high-quality and thoughtful translations, all of which needed not only a simple ‘word’ translation, but also a ‘style’ and ‘tone’ translation. Rather than just translate the project, extra care was taken to preserve the voice. We were very pleased with the results and highly recommend Patricia’s work.”
“It’s important for us that patients with limited English proficiency have equal access to healthcare services. We’re very pleased with quality of the translations and the quick turnaround time offered by Hook Translations.”
Alina Ferrer, Beebe Healthcare


How do you charge for services?

We charge by target word. For smaller jobs or proofreading projects, we charge by the word.

How long does a translation take?

In general, our minimum turnaround time is 24 hours. But the delivery time depends on the complexity of the text and subject matter.

Does Hook Translations provide interpretation service?

No, we focus only on written translations.

What criteria do you use to select your translators?

Our translators must have a university degree in translation studies and certification from a recognized translation organization.

How can I help the translation process?

You can provide specifications that include purpose of the translation and details of the target audience.

Do you only translate into Spanish?

Thanks to our network of professional translators, we can manage projects in a variety of languages.


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